Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (GE)10版

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Gain flexibility in your course outlines

1.A course in natural resource economics might cover Chapters 1 to 14 and 22 to 24. A brief introduction to environmental economics could be added by assigning Chapter 15.

2.A course in environmental economics could cover Chapters 1 to 5 or 15 to 21. Chapter 7 could be added if a brief introduction to natural economics seems desirable.

Use relevant material

1.International coverage is woven throughout, with significant attention given to environmental problems and policies in Eastern and Western Europe, China, and developing nations.

2.Expanded topics on oil and gas, UN’s Redd program, BP/Deepwater horizontal spill in the Gulf of Mexico, cash for clunkers, Taxes vs. Allowances debate in the presence of uncertainty and much more current information help students relate to the course material.

Engage students with self-test exercises, debates, and examples

1.Self-test exercises (numerical problems, graphical manipulations and word problems) let students understand hallmark concepts before moving though the text.

2.Data tables include recent economic studies.

3.Example boxes provide crucial real-world context for economic theory, touching on topics such as hazardous pollutant emissions from iron and steel foundries.


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Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (GE)10版

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